Friday, 26 October 2007

Exciting!! I've had a response!!!

Excitement! I've had a response to one of my many, many emails!!! Apparently, they couldn't possibly have received my previous emails, as they answer ALL emails. In fact, in their own words:

"Hello Susi!

Sorry to hear you have had order troubles. This is the first time we have heard back from you. We answer ALL emails and would never not respond. If you didn't hear back from us, it was because we never got the email.

Sorry you haven't received your order yet. It should have been delivered by now since it is past our 5 week time frame. Was your order sent to the correct address?

Try contacting your post and customs office a final time to make sure they aren't holding the order. Unfortunately international orders are not assigned tracking numbers. If the post/customs office has no information, we may have to consider it lost. Let us know if you aren't able to find it!

Have a wonderful day!"

As we know, the post office and the customs office have no knowledge of my stuff. So, I'm going to tell them again that I'm fairly confident that the order is lost, never to be seen again. I imagine this will be responded to immediately with a fresh order and their assurances that they value me as a customer and this will never happen again.

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