Monday, 21 January 2008

Will I update this blog? Oh yes.

Just when you thought it was over...

I receive an emali from Threadless this morning, concerning the replacement order. Did I get it? They were worried. They hadn't heard from me.


I replied, and said indeed I had received it, although obviously I would have preferred the original order (remember when 5 t-shirts in the sale turned into 1 t-shirt and a hoody out of the sale?). They responded, claiming that I had misspelt the address the order was going to: Stukeley became Stukely. The difference is the missing 'e' in case you couldn't see it.

Now, quite possibly I did. It was a new office address, and I was in a hurry.

However, a quick check on Google for 'Stukely' came up as 'Did you mean Stukeley street?' and a check on the postcode I provided clearly marked it as Stukeley Street.

This leads me to draw two conclusions.

1. The parcel company Threadless use are ridiculous. The whole point of postcodes is that give further information about the address.

2. Threadless do not have any communication with their parcel company, who clearly need communication to communicate the fact that they can't make an educated guess regarding the missing letter in the address.

I then received a final (I assume) email from Threadless, updating this blog with the final situation.

Certainly. It makes for great reading.

Hi Susi!

Glad to hear you got your replacement order! Your original order would have arrived had you given us the correct address. It was also brought to our attention that you started a blog regarding this order (

This problem was caused by a spelling error on your end, not any sort of incompetence with Threadless. We understand your frustration with the situation. Since you have received your replacement order, we kindly ask that you update the blog to reflect the resolution of the issue.

Have a wonderful day!

Threadless Customer Service

Thursday, 15 November 2007


There is no update.

Waiting for a parcel that is promised and has since been dispatched is very, very, very anticlimactic.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Oh. My. God.

They're sending me a replacement order. It hasn't got as far as being dispatched, and it certainly hasn't got anywhere near landing on my desk. Still, nice of them to be so prompt with their replacement strategy... Oh and to reiterate, 5 t-shirts in the sale has turned into one t-shirt and one hoody out of the sale. Sad times.

Oh, and they've also given me a $10 gift voucher to apologise for the inconvenience.

Words fail me.

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Shocking turn of events

I asked them to confirm they'd received my message. They haven't.
I've provided them with 3 alternative addresses to copy in their confirmation. If they have indeed responded to Every Single Email I've sent, this will mean that I will get their response to at least one of the email addresses. Guess whether I've had a response.

Wrong. I haven't.

Monday, 5 November 2007

The use of 'reprehensible' worked

I've had an email asking me whether I'd like new t-shirts or a refund! It turns out, throw in a big 'ol word and they'll bow like poppies in the wind. Or something.

Apparently, they've replied to every single email I've sent, and "It's really unfortunate that you [I] haven't been receiving them. :(".

Yes, Threadless use emoticons in their letters to customers. Wow, aren't they a really friendly bunch. It's probably just a couple of guys, in their dorm room, trying to make a t-shirt company in between lectures, trying to be somewhere between Ben & Jerrys and Mother Theresa.

Or not.

I'm English. I hate over familiarity. Especially when you are in my Top Five Most Hated Collective In The World Right Now. It's damn right impertinent.

Anyway, what was once five t-shirts bought in the Threadless sale has become one t-shirt and a hoody due to the lack of sale, an uncountable number of hours emailing customer services, even more updating this and a twitch in my right eye whenever someone mentions internet shopping.

This is not over yet though. I've explained to them I will be emailing them my order every day until I receive a response, so bearing in mind they only respond to one in every four emails I send, expect more updates.

Which reminds me.

Having said they replied to all of my emails, and I just wasn't receiving them, they did this:

"This is what we said in the last email we sent you yesterday at 9:50am.
Hi Susi!

etc etc"

If they did in fact email me at 9.50, why not forward me that email, with the time and date stamp at the top? Why cut and paste and stick in a load of stars? Hmmm? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Unless you were making up a story and wanted to make it look convincing?

Threadless In Poor Customer Communication Shocker.

Friday, 2 November 2007

I used a bad word

I emailed them again. Third time in a week - I feel like we're building a really special relationship. Except for the fact of course that it's totally one-sided because they never deem me worthy of a reply. Apart from that.

Anyway, I emailed them again. And I told them their customer service was 'reprehensible'.

The gloves are off.

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Eight email, no response

I've had a camera delivered today, three books, one CD and a sleeping bag liner. So, we can conclude that internet shopping often does work - just not if you order anything with Threadless.

Apparently leather is the appropriate gift at an eighth anniversary. I might make myself a leather t-shirt in celebration.