Monday, 21 January 2008

Will I update this blog? Oh yes.

Just when you thought it was over...

I receive an emali from Threadless this morning, concerning the replacement order. Did I get it? They were worried. They hadn't heard from me.


I replied, and said indeed I had received it, although obviously I would have preferred the original order (remember when 5 t-shirts in the sale turned into 1 t-shirt and a hoody out of the sale?). They responded, claiming that I had misspelt the address the order was going to: Stukeley became Stukely. The difference is the missing 'e' in case you couldn't see it.

Now, quite possibly I did. It was a new office address, and I was in a hurry.

However, a quick check on Google for 'Stukely' came up as 'Did you mean Stukeley street?' and a check on the postcode I provided clearly marked it as Stukeley Street.

This leads me to draw two conclusions.

1. The parcel company Threadless use are ridiculous. The whole point of postcodes is that give further information about the address.

2. Threadless do not have any communication with their parcel company, who clearly need communication to communicate the fact that they can't make an educated guess regarding the missing letter in the address.

I then received a final (I assume) email from Threadless, updating this blog with the final situation.

Certainly. It makes for great reading.

Hi Susi!

Glad to hear you got your replacement order! Your original order would have arrived had you given us the correct address. It was also brought to our attention that you started a blog regarding this order (

This problem was caused by a spelling error on your end, not any sort of incompetence with Threadless. We understand your frustration with the situation. Since you have received your replacement order, we kindly ask that you update the blog to reflect the resolution of the issue.

Have a wonderful day!

Threadless Customer Service

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